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The orphaned girl that she was started performing on stage at the age of twelve.True diva and actress who took part in big Egyptian productions, Nahawand was at the epicenter of the Arab scene under the reign of King Farouk. After experiencing a lavish way of life, she met with a tragic fate by way of a failed marriage, a miserable existence, crooked producers and empty promises that ultimately took her to Brazil, where she ended up wandering, against her will, almost like a tramp.

At the dawn of the new millennium, she had nearly fallen into oblivion, despite the fact that countless songs of hers remained anchored in Lebanon’s cultural heritage and collective memory. Rediscovered by Greek-Lebanese producer Michel Elefteriades, eighty-year-old Nahawand returns today, singing her life, lost loves, joys, disappointments and women’s life conditions, with her evermore clear and powerful voice, and enjoying, more than ever, the admiration of her audiences, whom she cherishes so deeply.

She has performed in the Arab world’s greatest festivals (Baalbek and Byblos in Lebanon, La Medina in Tunisia...) and was guest-starred by leading Arab musical TV programs (on LBC, Rotana, MBC...). On March 20th, 2006, following an invitation by the International Francophonie Agency, she represented Lebanon at the international concert celebrating the Francophonie 20th anniversary in Bucharest, Romania.

"I have nothing in life other than my audience… To sing is my only joy" says the living legend whose exceptional talent is today celebrated and cherished by a public of three generations!