As you may guess, a Global project like Nowheristan needs to be promoted in order for it to become world widely known and such a promotion requires extensive funding.

Nowheristan’s promotional campaigns include:
  • A full fledged 360 degrees communication campaign:
    • Encompassing ATL (above the line):
      Static and mobile billboard advertising
      Printed flyers, outlets, posters and rack cards
      Nowheristani musical shows
      Radio-TV (documentaries, movies and talk-shows)
      World Wide Web: Web TV, streaming audio and video, online advertising, Web banners and popups.
    • Encompassing BTL (below the line):
      Printed branding material in key indoor locations
    In addition to PR exercises consisting of press releases and advertorials in major dailies and monthlies (newspapers and magazines)

  • Academic and interactive exposure:
    Seminars, conferences, conventions and debates in the world’s most prominent universities in order to create awareness and convince a maximum of people to become Nowheristanis.
Moreover, one shouldn’t forget the army of scholars, academic researchers and PhD holders behind Nowheristan. They are fully dedicating their time, along with Nowheristan’s professional technicians in order to run the project and perfect its principles and visions.

And all this requires a great deal of money!

While other Revolutions were either financed by some rich governments whose interests happened to coincide with the revolutionaries’ ideas and dogmas or from arms or drugs trafficking, we are only counting on your private donations and on the money generated from the merchandising of Nowheristan’s branded products. Besides, we are fighting all governments, with no exception, so we can’t rely on any of their help. We live in a world where one would be serving as a proxy, even without being aware of it. And this we will fight, for Nowheristan is to be independent from any ruling organization or power in order for it to preserve its freedom of thought and speech.

All funds generated will be automatically reinvested in the project, abiding by the rule of a fully transparent accountability and cutting short to all potential, yet expected, accusations of running a commercial and lucrative project.