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... Di quella pira, Hai ben ragione, Che gelida manina, Quanto e bella quanto e cara, Il padre adorato, Nessun dorma, Dammi i colori ... Recondita armonia, Caruso, Granada, O Sole Mio, Santa Lucia, E lucevan le stelle… The enchantment and emotion that emanate from this brilliant Italian vocalist are hard to describe, yet so easy to sense! From classical Opera to Neapolitan and Sicilian arias, Tino Favazza has the perfect ingredients to fuel his vocal capacities and charm you to the highest degree… - Paolo Molini

Cateno (Tino) Favazza was born in 1958 in Gaggi, Sicily, a small village of the Valle Alkantara (Flowers Valley) near Taormina, a historical center of Sicilian music and a world famous destination for tourism and archeology.

Maestro Tenor Enrico Facini, the expert opera singer, has continuously and personally followed Tino’s artistic education. From childhood, Tino participated in many musical events (festivities, ceremonies, church concerts theatres, recordings, Sicilian television shows...), including several editions of the Sicilian Song Festival.

It was in 2002 that, Tino received, from Di Stefano personally, the Giuseppe Di Stefano award of the ʺBest Sicilian Tenorʺ.

Over the last ten years, Tino Favazza toured Europe several times (Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Spain, France, Belgium, Serbia) and collaborated with a number of international artists in national and international lyric, classic and ethnic music concerts, the most important of which were his appearances in Vienna, Graz, Liubljana and at the Kolarac theatre of Belgrade.

Just as his audiences constantly confirm the beauty of his voice, described as the ʺVoice of the Sunʺ or, the ʺDivine Voiceʺ…, the artists with whom he collaborates recognize the tenor’s qualities. An ʺantique voiceʺ, they say, ʺone that is very rarely found nowadaysʺ;. An extraordinary voice unique for its ductility, nature, expressivity and color.

In February 2001, he participated as ʺBest Voiceʺ in the Brussels International Festival, after which he was contacted by the theatre of the Russian House, where he performed the most beautiful classic and lyric Italian melodies in celebration of the venue’s eightieth anniversary. He was the first Italian tenor ever to sing in this prestigious theatre. In the same year, he was invited to participate as guest of honor in Belorussia’s International Music Festival, the ʺSlabenski Vitevsk Bazaarʺ.

In 2004, he participated in the “Mia Martiniʺ Festival where he received the prize for ʺBest interpretation, expression and styleʺ, as he presented a piece composed by the famous author and composer Sanja Ilič.

Since the mid-1990s, Tino has been regularly invited to perform in Japan, in the most prestigious venues of the nation’s major cities.

In 2007, Tino Favazza met Michel Elefteriades who proposed him a collaboration on the exciting fusion of Bel Canto and Oriental music. They have been rehearsing the project for months and an album is now underway.

Moreover, the remarkable Tino Favazza keeps touring in Europe, Canada, the US, Brazil and, Japan, with yet many more performances to come. Globe-trotter is the description that could perfectly fit Tino.