Nowheristan is our proposal of solutions to all problems you have been facing since the concept of civilization emerged. Seems a bit pretentious? Maybe… But would these problems be economic, political, social or philosophical, yes! We have the answer to them all.
The same question has been asked to the people who were fighting for the abolition of slavery. You can either make it happen, or leave it as another one of those big ideas that could have changed the world!
Nowheristan is no science-fiction; it only takes some faith, goodwill, creativity and of course a bit of dedication to make this ultimate Utopia real.
Everywhere. Nowheristan is the first step towards Everywheristan.
Chances of making a reality out of a project like Nowheristan are not to be measured by feasibility studies. Let us keep that for lucrative projects that seek the increase of money and capital, for when a cause is just, when a project becomes a necessity by virtue of morality and principles, one shall not wait for results of market studies. Jesus, Gengis Khan and Karl Marx did not wait for a case study to launch their projects. A professional consultant would have probably advised them not to venture, yet their projects turned out to be success stories that changed the face of the world.
Yes, an Emperor! An Emperor with everything that comes with; the cloths, the cane, the walk and of course the self-possession!

Bearing in mind that history has known a long list of dynasts having inherited power from their ancestors who, at a certain point, proclaimed themselves rulers, such as the ancestor of Queen Christina Alexandra of Sweden who was an officer in Napoleon’s army, or were proclaimed as such by the epoch’s powers (the Viceroys of India), having an Emperor ruling Nowheristan could have been serious. But for the sake of our project, the only thing in common between our Emperor and other monarchs is the title and attitude.

We are not seeking the establishment of a new Dynasty, nor does the Emperor have absolute powers. It is just a title, a gimmicky and provocative title that would create a media buzz around our project. After all, we live in a world where media spectacles make things exist and expand. Nevertheless, people who address him should still refer to him as His Imperial Highness!
Well, and to begin with, you are now surfing on one of those! Graphic designers and professionals from around the Globe are fully devoting their time and talents to make from Nowheristan’s interactive website a new world alternative media. It is about time, we have one!
Then come the theoretical foundations of the Great Empire which are now under review by world scholars and which will soon be published in a seminal book entitled, “We Have the Solution”.

Now to the ground actions; governments take warning for your fall is near! When only three percent of every nation becomes citizens of Nowheristan, our Ultimate Nation will be the largest on earth. We will then organize ourselves into lobby groups and act within our own countries trying to enact decisions inspired by the spirit of Nowheristan’s Constitution.

At the same time, movements of civil disobedience, such as refusing to pay taxes or abstaining from work to protest against one of our world’s injustices will be organized, simultaneously as a global and comprehensive movement. This we believe can topple governments, and to quote HIH Michel I of Nowheristan, in ten years the world’s governments will be falling to Nowheristan; welcome to Everywheristan!
You, me, him, her, them… Any citizen of the world now subjected to ethnic, racial, ideological and economic discrimination and even those who are not but seek a better world. Establishing a world government would guarantee the prevalence of peace among communities and the respect of minorities and cultural diversities.

The same obsolete balances of powers have been prevailing over our world for such a long time now; same dominant, same submissive. And unless questions of borders, identities and resources are reconsidered, disparities between the developed and the developing countries will keep on expanding and Humanity shall not know peace.

Establishing a nation where wealth is rebalanced and where differences in languages, races, and identities are considered as a source of enlightenment rather than coercive threats will guarantee the wellbeing of all people. And these are the first foundations of the Great Empire of Nowheristan.
First, become a Nowheristani through submitting your application for the Nowheristani citizenship.

Second, get to better know Nowheristan’s visions and principles, do embrace its multi-faceted culture! This website offers you the chance to take part into online forums with thousands of other Nowheristanis whose numbers are by the way is rising by the second. (hyperlink to the page of counting).
This website also allows you to surf through different interactive pages that would help you better understand our vision of this new Ultimate Nation and of course to address all your questionings to the Emperor, who would respond to you (or it would be me, or one of my colleagues, pretending it’s him!)

When you entrust us with your voice, through giving your name, email and address, which would of course stay strictly confidential, we would know our effectives in different corners of the Globe and therefore better organize the timings and nature of our movement toward the topple of the prevailing superpowers and the establishment of a World Government.
No. Nowheristan is neither some kind of mysterious organization with top secret agents and objectives nor an occult sect with weird rituals. For our effectives are You, and our objectives are very clearly exposed in the Philosophy of N- section.
Who? Us? A terrorist organization? Hell no! We wouldn’t hurt a bug! Nowheristanis embrace LIFE not death! Our fight is a fight for a better world, a better future, in sum a better life. Therefore, we shall never ask you to hold a weapon, explode your lovely self or cause any harm to others. The march towards Nowheristan will be peaceful and harmonious, and it is only the pacific Nowheristanis’ dedication and faith that would lay the grounds of this Ultimate Nation.
Throughout history, every Empire had its own weapon that made it succeed and expand; while the Romans’ military preeminence made the Roman Empire one of the largest and most powerful on earth, and while the Mongols’ bows were feared for their accuracy, power and range, Nowheristan now has an top secret and sophisticated WMC*.
Now more seriously, that is the Internet and the development of the new technologies of Information and Communication. Nowheristan is a global worldwide project that transcends the geographical borders and boundaries; it addresses all citizens and cultures of the world, its majorities and minorities. And for that the World Wide Web is one of our most valuable means.

* Weapon of Mass Construction, in opposition of the already well known Weapons of Mass Destruction.
Irrelevant question! But since we are just getting to know each other, we will answer you this. We are Christians, Muslims, Protestants, Hindus, Universists, Buddhists, Ethnoreligionists, Neoreligionists, Sikhs, Jews, Spiritists, Baha’is, Confucianists, Jains, Shintoists. Taoists, Zaroastrians, Shintos, Chondogyos, Yiguandaos, Scientologists, Non-religious and Atheists,

We believe in Sufism, Caodaism, Mandaeanism, Manichaeism, Spiritism, Neopaganism, Unitarian-Universalism, Mysticism, Animism, Rastafarianism, Esotericism, Shamanism and Neo-Paganism, Alivism and Saivism. We embrace both the cargo and phallic cults, and look up to Lettuce adorers! For above all that we are Nowheristanis.
It is simply because while “some men see things as they are and say "why?" we dream of things that never were and say, "Why not?".
Then we have a suggestion for you; why don’t you go join the newly formed party of G.W Bush?